Refund Policy


In case of any manufacturing or packaging defect, Retailers/Franchisee can return/exchange the product. The Retailers/Franchisee must contact the Franchisee/Firm from whom they had purchased the same, within 30 days from the date of purchase. They have to provide a satisfactory and valid reason and return the said products.

The Retailer/Franchisee can then return these products, with original Invoice to the Firm. The Firm will replace these products free of cost or if the Retailer/Franchisee does not want the same products, the Firm will credit the same amount in Retailer/Franchisee Repurchase Wallet, which can be used by the Retailer/Franchisee for purchasing products of their choice.

  • Product Return Form
  • Reason for return
  • Copy of Invoice
  • Products to be returned


The Firm provides a Buy Back Policy to the Retailer/Franchisee who wishes to surrender from their Retailer/Franchisee and return any Janasamruddhi Mart Life Style India Private Limited., products that are in good condition, useable, resalable, restock-able, unopened, unaltered and must have a shelf life of at least eighteen months.

A New Retailer/Franchisee will be given a 30 days “cooling off” within which if the Franchisee wishes to withdraw / surrender, The entire Product Range will be Lifted off and the value of stock minus expenses and taxes will be given back. However, If the Franchisee Cancels from his/her Retailership after the Cooling Off Period, the amount refunded will be equal to Franchisee cost of the products being returned, less total bonus paid out by the Firm on the original purchase, less taxes, expenses and less additional service charge.

The Cooling Off Period is Defined as to be Applicable and Enforceable from the date of Signing of The Agreement by The Franchisee owner.

The Cancellation and Buy Back policy is designed to impose upon the sponsor and the Firm the obligation to ensure that the franchisee is being operated on its own free will without prejudice.


The Agreement Between The Firm and The Retailer/Franchisee will stand Terminated Subject to;

  1. In case a Retailer/Franchisee is found Non Operative for Two Years from the date of its inception and/or from the date of last invoice.
  2. Violation of Terms and Conditions of Agreement, not complying with Firm Policies updated from time to time, not providing adequate services, maligning the credit of the Firm, Spreading rumours, misconcepts and participating in activities against the firm.
  3. Violation of Law, doing illegal activities in disguise or otherwise, not in compliance with law (state or central), Participating or being penalised for criminal activities or being booked by the law.
  4. Mischief or Misdeed with or without the intent to harm the firm.
  5. Participating in Racism, Casteism, Apartheidism, Anti-Social, Unlawful Declarations in Public and Social Media, in General.
  6. Any Other act that may cause Prejudice against the Firm amongst other Retailerss, Franchisee and anyone under any condition.